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25 Apr

Readers, sorry for our short hiatus! We will return to our normal review schedule shortly.  We have some great cases to review from Acase, CaseCrown, UCO, Agent 18, Sw-Box, Grove, HardCandy, Evouni, Ego & Company, and many more!  We hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Evouni Non-Tear Kraft Paper Sleeve for iPad

8 Apr

The Evouni Non-Tear Kraft Paper Sleeve is a uniquely made paper/leather-like sleeve for the iPad.  The material is extremely lightweight, flexible, and according to Evouni, tear and water resistant.  Inside, the sleeve is nicely lined with either a green or red felt material.

The Non-Tear Kraft Paper is one of the most interesting sleeves we have seen and put our hands on.  The sheer lightness and cleanliness of the case is a feat in itself.  This is one of the cases when you just have to hold to understand its magic.  The manila-envolope-esque seems to suit the iPad perfectly since it  highlights it’s thinness so well.  Red thread lines the case and perfectly matches the felt on the inside.  The quality of craftsmanship appears to be near perfect.  We have yet to find an imperfection worthy of noting. This is a head-turner for sure.

The case fits snuggly, but not overly snug.  To ensure your iPad doesn’t fall out once inside, a leather closure is found on the back of the case. Accessing your device is quite easy with just a simple twist of the leather string.  Once inside, the case provides ample protection for normal dings and bumps.  However, it is unlikely the iPad would fit into the sleeve while another case is installed.

If you’re in the market for a sleeve that allows you to use your iPad naked, then look no further.  This is one of the most unique, high quality sleeves we have seen for quite some time.  The price is yet to be determined, but will likely be available at in the near future.

Apple Case Reviews highly recommends this case.

  • Overall Quality: 10/10
  • Overall Protection: 7/10
  • Overall Style: 9/10
  • Overall Value: N/A

Hardcandy Sleek Skin Case for iPad 1

8 Apr

The Hardcandy Sleek Skin Case for the iPad is constructed out of a TPU-like material that adds a tint of color to the iPad.  As shown, the case utilizes a node-like system on the four corners of the iPad to secure the cover. When installed, the Sleek Skin Case covers almost 100% of the iPad with the exception of ports and controls.

Upon receiving our Hardcandy Sleek Skin Case, we were quite excited.  However, our excitement quickly dissipated as we struggled to install the iPad in the case.  Without a doubt, it was the hardest case to install yet.  The case, although flexible, struggled to get over the edges of the iPad.  The edge that lays on the screen seems unnecessarily large and may be the reason it was difficult to install.  Although, once installed, the case looked sharp.  The color really popped and looked quite vibrant.  It was translucent enough to clearly see the Apple logo and text below.  The small nodes on the corner were somewhat odd to hold but didn’t seem to interfere with the normal experience.

The cover was the most awkward part of the case.  It did secure well, but it sat strangely on the iPad and often caused strange effects when in contact with the screen.  In addition, while using the iPad, the case had to be completely removed rather than just being opened.  As a result, you are left with a strange piece of dangling plastic that just becomes an annoyance more than anything.  The case offers some protection from bumps and dings, but not much more.

The Sleek Skin Case can be purchased from Hardcandy at for $19.95 and comes in Pink, Green, Blue, and Orange.

  • Overall Quality: 7/10
  • Overall Protection: 6/10
  • Overall Style: 4/10
  • Overall Value: 5/10

modulR Case + Cover System for iPad 1

8 Apr

The modulR Case + Cover System for the iPad is a unqiue case-plus system which provides a variety of accessories which all work with the same system.  Nodes on the back of the modulR iPad case connect to an ever-expanding line of accessories, allowing you to mount, position, and adapt the iPad to your needs – whatever they are. From your office desk top to the bedroom wall and beyond, modulR lets you take your iPad anywhere in style.

The case and cover are made of a hardened plastic.  The case, in particular, is relatively easy to install.  The case feels of very high quality, and upon opening we were not only impressed with the simple packaging, but also of the quality of construction.  The case fit exactly as expected, as did the other accessories.  The plastic gives the case a more than ample protection on both the top, sides, and bottom of the iPad.  When the cover is installed, there is nearly 100% coverage, (except for the circular opening in the back of the case which showcases our favorite logo).   In addition, the nodes also feel of particular high quality.  We have no fear this case will withstand normal wear and tear and will show very little sign of age.

The accessories include a Slim Mount System (shown), Quick Mount (shown), Shoulder Strap (not shown) and Hand Strap (not shown).  To start, the Slim Mount System (Made of Aluminum) allows you to mount your iPad to a wall.  Utilizing the node system, the iPad can be removed and installed easily from the Slim Mount system. We expect this would particularly useful for users who would like to have their iPad in the kitchen, office, or even bathroom.  The Quick Mount System allows users to quickly mount their iPad for casual viewing and typing.  Like the Slim Mount system, when installed, the iPad is very stable.  We were very impressed with both systems.   The Shoulder and Hand Straps allows users to transport and use their iPad with ease.

After using the case for a few days, we are impressed.  The case looks brand new (as we expected) and we see no signs of wear.  However, because of the node system, it adds a fair amount of bulk and noticeable weight to the iPad.  In addition, we had some difficulty removing the Cover from the Case, because it fit so tightly.  After a few tries, it seemed to get easier.  Otherwise, if you’re interested in the case plus system, modulR may be the right route.  modulR products can be purchased from  Three kits are available for different prices, in addition to the accessories being sold individually.  Starter Kit 1 ($59) includes Case + Cover and choice of strap.  Starter Kit 2 ($75) includes Case + Cover, Quick Stand, and choice of strap.  Starter Kit 3 ($99) includes Case + Cover, Quick Stand, Slim Mount, and choice of strap.

Apple Case Reviews highly recommends this case.

  • Overall Quality: 9/10
  • Overall Protection: 9/10
  • Overall Style: 7/10
  • Overall Value: 6/10

Hardcandy Candy Covertible Case for iPad 1

8 Apr

The Candy Convertible Case, made by Hardcandy Cases (, is similar in style to the Apple branded folio case.  The Candy Convertible combines the practicality of a flip folio with the ability to be positioned in a variety of ways that make typing and viewing a breeze.   The lid of the case bends in half which allows you to positing the iPad in two ways: one for viewing, and one for typing.  A unique slot in the back of the case makes the stand sturdy than some of the competitors.  HardCandy branding is present on the front lid and rear slot.  Inside, there is room for a business card or for a very small accessory.

Made of a unique nubuck type material, the case feels soft in the hand and smooth to the touch. The material is not quite a dust magnet, but it does gather a fair amount of dirt and general grime from daily use.  We’ve found ourselves cleaning the fabric on more than a few occasions.  The cases’ edge, like Apple’s, is not flush with the iPad.  Unlike Apple, Hardcandy finished the edges with a plastic-like edge.  After a few weeks of use, this edge has cracked in a few areas, but has not affected the look or function of the case.

The iPad is quite snug in the case, and does not slide out of the case even when held upside down.  Generous ports have been cut out to allow for large third party accessories.  In addition, all controls are easily accessible.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the case so far.  A few quality control issues are present; such as the cracked plastic edge banding, general closing of lid, and quality of materials, but these problems are minimal.  If you are in the market for a folio-type case, consider stopping by Hardcandy’s site.   The Convertible Case comes in two colors (Red & Black) and retails for $27.95.  Not bad.

Apple Case Reviews recommends this product.

  • Overall Quality: 8/10
  • Overall Protection: 8/10
  • Overall Style: 8/10
  • Overall Value: 8/10

New Reviews Coming Shortly!

2 Apr

Great News! We will be reviewing a case from modulR within the next few days.  The modulR Case + Cover for the iPad is a high quality case and accessory system that allows versatility while keeping the device looking great.  Nodes on the back of the modulR iPad case connect to an ever-expanding line of accessories, allowing you to mount, position, and adapt the iPad to your needs – whatever they are. From your office desk top to the bedroom wall and beyond, modulR lets you take your iPad anywhere in style.  Visit to read about their accessory system.

We will also be reviewing iPhone 4 and iPad cases from Hardcandy.  Be on the lookout for:

  • Hardcandy Superlight Case Review for the iPhone 4
  • Hardcandy Candy Slider Review for the iPhone 4
  • Hardcandy Street Skin Review for the iPhone 4
  • Hardcandy Candy Convertible Review for the iPad 1
  • Hardcandy Sleek Skin Review for the iPad 1

You learn more about these products by visiting or just wait for our in-depth review of all of these products.

iSkin Claro Case for iPhone 4

2 Apr

iSkin just released their newest addition to their already impressive iPhone 4 lineup.  Called the Claro Case, notably seen in previous iPod models, this case claims to be the first to combine a hard polycarbonate core with a soft TPU-like outer laye r.  The case appears of high quality and great design.  If this case is anything like their previous models for the iPhone 4, it should be pretty exceptional.


iSkin Product Description:

“The iSkin Claro is all about clarity. A hybrid fusion of a soft, flexible and transparent polymer and durable hard polycarbonate core combine for the clearest possible view and the best possible protection—making it the first to achieve such a feat.”

Available only in ultra-transparent, Claro gives owners near-invisible protection with real substance far beyond body films and hard cases.

Claro’s clever design features a soft exterior that provides a secure grip for your beloved iPhone. This engineering feat protects your case from cracks and scratches, and fits like a soft case should.”

The Claro Case retails for $35 and can be purchased directly from   We look forward to reviewing this unique case.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1

25 Mar

Apple has released iOS 4.3.1 for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, third-, and fourth-generation iPod touch. According to Apple’s release notes, the update fixes an occasional graphics glitch on the fourth-generation iPod touch, resolves bugs related to activating and connecting to some cellular networks, fixes an image flicker issue when using the Apple Digital AV Adapter with some TVs, and resolves an issue authenticating with some enterprise web services, among other big fixes and improvements. iOS 4.3.1 is available now via the Update feature in iTunes.

Sourced from iLounge.

Flex Testing iPad Glass

25 Mar

The folks at iFixYouri had some glass panels from an iPad 1 and an iPad 2 laying around the shop and did some informal tests to see which panel would break under stress. An earlier analysis by iFixit revealed the glass in the iPad 2 was 27% thinner than the iPad 1. The California repair company questioned whether this would affect the durability of the iPad 2’s display. Boston repair shop iFixYouri tries to answer this question in a video that features extreme bending, breaking glass and a catchy soundtrack.

Read on to watch the iFixYouri video and let us know in the comments which display you think holds up better under pressure. Hint: bigger isn’t always better.

Sourced from TUAW.

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