Hardcandy Candy Covertible Case for iPad 1

8 Apr

The Candy Convertible Case, made by Hardcandy Cases (www.hardcandycases.com), is similar in style to the Apple branded folio case.  The Candy Convertible combines the practicality of a flip folio with the ability to be positioned in a variety of ways that make typing and viewing a breeze.   The lid of the case bends in half which allows you to positing the iPad in two ways: one for viewing, and one for typing.  A unique slot in the back of the case makes the stand sturdy than some of the competitors.  HardCandy branding is present on the front lid and rear slot.  Inside, there is room for a business card or for a very small accessory.

Made of a unique nubuck type material, the case feels soft in the hand and smooth to the touch. The material is not quite a dust magnet, but it does gather a fair amount of dirt and general grime from daily use.  We’ve found ourselves cleaning the fabric on more than a few occasions.  The cases’ edge, like Apple’s, is not flush with the iPad.  Unlike Apple, Hardcandy finished the edges with a plastic-like edge.  After a few weeks of use, this edge has cracked in a few areas, but has not affected the look or function of the case.

The iPad is quite snug in the case, and does not slide out of the case even when held upside down.  Generous ports have been cut out to allow for large third party accessories.  In addition, all controls are easily accessible.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the case so far.  A few quality control issues are present; such as the cracked plastic edge banding, general closing of lid, and quality of materials, but these problems are minimal.  If you are in the market for a folio-type case, consider stopping by Hardcandy’s site.   The Convertible Case comes in two colors (Red & Black) and retails for $27.95.  Not bad.

Apple Case Reviews recommends this product.

  • Overall Quality: 8/10
  • Overall Protection: 8/10
  • Overall Style: 8/10
  • Overall Value: 8/10

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