modulR Case + Cover System for iPad 1

8 Apr

The modulR Case + Cover System for the iPad is a unqiue case-plus system which provides a variety of accessories which all work with the same system.  Nodes on the back of the modulR iPad case connect to an ever-expanding line of accessories, allowing you to mount, position, and adapt the iPad to your needs – whatever they are. From your office desk top to the bedroom wall and beyond, modulR lets you take your iPad anywhere in style.

The case and cover are made of a hardened plastic.  The case, in particular, is relatively easy to install.  The case feels of very high quality, and upon opening we were not only impressed with the simple packaging, but also of the quality of construction.  The case fit exactly as expected, as did the other accessories.  The plastic gives the case a more than ample protection on both the top, sides, and bottom of the iPad.  When the cover is installed, there is nearly 100% coverage, (except for the circular opening in the back of the case which showcases our favorite logo).   In addition, the nodes also feel of particular high quality.  We have no fear this case will withstand normal wear and tear and will show very little sign of age.

The accessories include a Slim Mount System (shown), Quick Mount (shown), Shoulder Strap (not shown) and Hand Strap (not shown).  To start, the Slim Mount System (Made of Aluminum) allows you to mount your iPad to a wall.  Utilizing the node system, the iPad can be removed and installed easily from the Slim Mount system. We expect this would particularly useful for users who would like to have their iPad in the kitchen, office, or even bathroom.  The Quick Mount System allows users to quickly mount their iPad for casual viewing and typing.  Like the Slim Mount system, when installed, the iPad is very stable.  We were very impressed with both systems.   The Shoulder and Hand Straps allows users to transport and use their iPad with ease.

After using the case for a few days, we are impressed.  The case looks brand new (as we expected) and we see no signs of wear.  However, because of the node system, it adds a fair amount of bulk and noticeable weight to the iPad.  In addition, we had some difficulty removing the Cover from the Case, because it fit so tightly.  After a few tries, it seemed to get easier.  Otherwise, if you’re interested in the case plus system, modulR may be the right route.  modulR products can be purchased from  Three kits are available for different prices, in addition to the accessories being sold individually.  Starter Kit 1 ($59) includes Case + Cover and choice of strap.  Starter Kit 2 ($75) includes Case + Cover, Quick Stand, and choice of strap.  Starter Kit 3 ($99) includes Case + Cover, Quick Stand, Slim Mount, and choice of strap.

Apple Case Reviews highly recommends this case.

  • Overall Quality: 9/10
  • Overall Protection: 9/10
  • Overall Style: 7/10
  • Overall Value: 6/10

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