Evouni Non-Tear Kraft Paper Sleeve for iPad

8 Apr

The Evouni Non-Tear Kraft Paper Sleeve is a uniquely made paper/leather-like sleeve for the iPad.  The material is extremely lightweight, flexible, and according to Evouni, tear and water resistant.  Inside, the sleeve is nicely lined with either a green or red felt material.

The Non-Tear Kraft Paper is one of the most interesting sleeves we have seen and put our hands on.  The sheer lightness and cleanliness of the case is a feat in itself.  This is one of the cases when you just have to hold to understand its magic.  The manila-envolope-esque seems to suit the iPad perfectly since it  highlights it’s thinness so well.  Red thread lines the case and perfectly matches the felt on the inside.  The quality of craftsmanship appears to be near perfect.  We have yet to find an imperfection worthy of noting. This is a head-turner for sure.

The case fits snuggly, but not overly snug.  To ensure your iPad doesn’t fall out once inside, a leather closure is found on the back of the case. Accessing your device is quite easy with just a simple twist of the leather string.  Once inside, the case provides ample protection for normal dings and bumps.  However, it is unlikely the iPad would fit into the sleeve while another case is installed.

If you’re in the market for a sleeve that allows you to use your iPad naked, then look no further.  This is one of the most unique, high quality sleeves we have seen for quite some time.  The price is yet to be determined, but will likely be available at http://www.evouni.com in the near future.

Apple Case Reviews highly recommends this case.

  • Overall Quality: 10/10
  • Overall Protection: 7/10
  • Overall Style: 9/10
  • Overall Value: N/A

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