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Sorry for the hiatus!

25 Apr

Readers, sorry for our short hiatus! We will return to our normal review schedule shortly.  We have some great cases to review from Acase, CaseCrown, UCO, Agent 18, Sw-Box, Grove, HardCandy, Evouni, Ego & Company, and many more!  We hope you enjoyed your holiday!

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25 Mar

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Belkin Grip Vue for Apple iPad

25 Mar

The Belkin Grip Vue Case for the iPad offers maximum protection with little bulk.  The Grip Vue, a TPU-like case is impact resistant and extremely durable.  The slick feeling of the case allows it to be easily transferred in and out of backpacks and bags. It’s translucency allows the Apple logo to be seen clearly and offers the ability to add a tint to set it apart from other iPads.  The case has raised covered ports, with the exception of 30-pin connector, speaker, and microphone ports. The case provides some drop protection, but it is really designed to protect it from bumps and dings from daily use.

The case, although very thin, does thicken towards the edge of the case and making it extremely difficult to fit into third party docks, if not impossible.  The case adds minimal weight, but on such a light device, it is quite noticeable. Installing the case is similar to other TPU-cases and can be easily wiggled into place.  Once on, the case fits very snugly, and shows no signs of lifting or loosening.  The case shows minimal fingerprints and will require a thorough cleaning with soap and water every now and then.

The Belkin Grip Vue for the Apple iPad can be bought from Belkin.com for $39.99 and is available in transparent Black, Clear, and Royal Purple.

UPDATE: The original case we purchased was Clear.  The case had to be returned to Belkin due to a discoloration at the center of the case.  The case had be used for approximately six months.  Belkin was swift with their exchange and promptly sent us a Black case at our request.  The Black case seemed noticeably thinner and stronger.  *Two Thumbs Up*

Apple Case Reviews recommends this product.

  • Overall Quality: 8/10
  • Overall Protection: 7/10
  • Overall Style: 7/10
  • Overall Value: 7/10

Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4

24 Mar

The Snap Case by Incase is a high quality wafer thin case that covers the back glass and sides of the iPhone 4.  All ports are exposed, including nearly the entire top and bottom of the iPhone, leaving those areas particularly vulnerable to drops and other damage.  Notably, the case offers very little drop protection but still provides excellent protection from scratches and daily use.  Ample cutouts for both camera, power, and volume controls allow for easy access and unaffected picture taking.

The case shown here is smokey black in color (it can unfortunately shift towards a blue tint with normal use), and has a unique satin smooth texture.  The case fits securely and snugly and really feels nice in the hand. The case is available from Incase for 34.95 (ouch!).  Incase also sends a clear iPhone plastic stand that is hardly useful since its difficult to balance and somewhat cheaply made. They offer the Snap Case in three colors, White, Clear, and Transparent Black.

Apple Case Reviews highly recommends this product.

  • Overall Quality: 8/10
  • Overall Protection: 5/10
  • Overall Style: 7/10
  • Overall Value: 6/10

Apple Bumper for iPhone 4

24 Mar

At $29 per, this is not a cheap case.  On the same point, the bumper is an excellent addition to any iPhone 4.  Since it comes directly from Apple the quality control is near perfect and the addition of the metal buttons (for both volume and power) provide an extra level of luxury that most cases don’t.  The band sits tightly on the phone and even after 4 weeks of use, it has not gotten any looser since the day I bought it.  Paint and actual construction still looks brand new.

It is important to note, some users are experiencing issues with the Bumper leaving marks on the silver antenna of the iPhone itself.  We have not experienced this problem yet (please comment below if you have experienced this issue).  The bumper provides minimal protection, since both the top and bottom glass are permanently exposed.  We suggest the addition of a wrap or skin to provide an extra level of protection (Images show PhantomSkinz Matte Wrap on Back of iPhone). If you are on the fence with the Apple iPhone Bumper, we suggest taking the leap–as long as its not from too high.  It comes in Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange and is available at the Apple Store.

Apple Case Reviews recommends this product.

  • Overall Quality: 9/10
  • Overall Protection: 3/10
  • Overall Style: 8/10
  • Overall Value: 5/10

If You Don’t Have an iPhone

24 Mar

Apple recently released their newest advertisement for the iPhone 4.  If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have iBooks on your phone, where a good book is just a tap away.  Watch the video from Apple enjoy the good feelings.